New Progressive RTG Slots & Games

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As of this writing, RTG offers seven progressive jackpot slots as well as a handful of casino-style card games with progressive jackpots. RTG has been in the progressive slot business since 1998, an early adopter of these potentially massive paydays that attract both slot gamblers and fans of table gaming. Here’s a look at the latest RTG has to offer for gamblers who like to chase progressive top prizes.

Examples of RTG Progressive Table Games

Not all progressive games are slots. At RTG, even table gambers can get in on the action. Check out these new RTG progressive-jackpot table games.

Caribbean Stud Poker

This is a single-player casino-style card game played similarly to the rules of stud poker. RTG’s Caribbean Stud Poker pits the player against the dealer in a 5 card stud game played with a single deck.

The Progressive jackpot in this game is in the form of a side bet option that allows the player to share in the ever-increasing progressive prize regardless of the dealer’s hand’s outcome. In RTG’s progressive version of this game, five hands qualify the player for some portion of that progressively-growing top payout: a flush, a full house, 4-of-a-kind, straight flush, and royal flush. All hands except the royal flush earn you a percentage of the progressive jackpot, while the royal flush (dealt naturally to your hand, not formed as a combination later in the game) wins you the progressive jackpot immediately. The trick is, you have to place the $1 side bet into the progressive jackpot game before the hands are dealt, otherwise your hands don’t count towards the big pay day.

Caribbean Hold Em

New Progressive RTG Slots & Games

New Progressive RTG Slots & Games

Both Caribbean Hold Em and Caribbean Stud Poker share the same progressive prize system at RTG casinos. The only difference is the way the game is played. In Caribbean Hold Em by RTG, the dealer’s hand must “qualify” (meaning it must have an Ace and King OR a pair or better) or the player wins automatically. Like the Stud Poker progressive game, RTG’s Caribbean Hold Em requires a $1 side bet to give you access to the cross-casino progressive top prize, with payouts identical to those described in the Stud game above..

Let Em Ride

RTG has a version of this popular casino card game that involves a $1 side bet to give you access to a potentially huge progressive win. To win the progressive prize in RTG’s Let Em Ride game, you have to be dealt a natural royal flush, similar to RTG’s other progressive table games, though large hands will reward you with a percentage of the progressive jackpot. For example, a straight flush dealt naturally without any alterations to your hand nets you 10% of the current progressive jackpot amount.

Examples of RTG Progressive Slots

Here’s a sampling of two of RTG’s popular progressive slots. These are representative of the kinds of slot games RTG implements a progressive prize for. This list doesn’t include ALL of RTG’s progressive slot titles, just a few examples to give you an idea of what RTG has to offer progressive slot fans.

It’s Good to Be Bad

It’s Good to Be Bad is a unique RTG slot machine that actually rewards bad play. To win the progressive on this slot, you’ll need to be betting the three-coin maximum at the highest bet size of $1, or $3 per spin. This slot game is unique because the only way to win the progressive prize is to lose 29 spins in a row, with smaller rewards along the way starting at the 4 losses in a row level. It’s rare to see a slot player cheering for a losing streak, but in the case of It’s Good to Be Bad, RTG rewards players for hitting bad losing streaks.

Crazy Dragon

Crazy Dragon is a three reel slot machine with a progressive jackpot, not common among RTG’s progressive offerings. Like most progressive slots, you have to be placing maximum bets to earn the top jackpot. On Crazy Dragon, that means betting at the $1 coin size, three coins at a time, for a total of $3 for each spin of the reels. This game’s progressive jackpot resets to $2,000, but often gets into the five- and six-figures because the progressive is really hard to win. You have to earn 100 free spins through the slot’s side bonus game to win 100% of the progressive jackpot.