New RTG Blackjack Games

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Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world, and RTG keeps table gamblers happy with multiple versions and variants of the game known around the world as 21, Pontoon, and many other names. We like RTG’s blackjack games because the table limits are clearly posts, the basic rules are available written right on the betting surface, and you can get access to more specific rules just by clicking the Help button on the game interface.

Here’s a look at each of the six new blackjack games available from RTG-powered casinos, each with their own slightly varied rules.

Standard Blackjack
This is the standard blackjack game played in casinos all over the world. Blackjack pits you against the dealer in a contest to see who can score as close to 21 as possible without going over. There’s nothing fancy about RTG’s standard blackjack game – it’s just the beloved version of blackjack found at any land-based or online casino you’d come across. Just make sure you read the game rules to see which specific rule variations the RTG casino you’re playing at uses, as there is some variance between RTG affiliated gaming sites.


New RTG Blackjack Games

New RTG Blackjack Ga

Pontoon is both the preferred name of blackjack to some UK gamblers and a slightly different version of the blackjack played at most casinos and gaming sites around the world. The main difference in Pontoon is that both dealer cards are hidden, face-down, meaning you have to strategize differently, depending only on the strength of your own cards.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack
At RTG casinos, a game called Perfect Pairs Blackjack is available for blackjack fans looking for something a little different. In Pontoon, six standard decks are used, and the play is almost identical to basic blackjack except for a few rule changes. For starters, players can double down, even after splitting aces. No surrender options exist at all in Perfect Pairs. But the big difference between standard 21 and Perfect Pairs? A $1 side bet that rewards you if you are dealt pairs. Payouts vary from casino to casino and depending on the size of the pair you are dealt, so be sure to check the game rules before you lay down that side bet.

European Blackjack
Some RTG casinos offer a game called European Blackjack. There are few differences between the standard game and European. For starters, European Blackjack is played with just two standard decks. The other major difference is that the dealer’s second card isn’t revealed until after the player’s, meaning the strategy is totally different. Yes, this game gives the house a higher edge, but if you’re looking for a little variation in your blackjack play, check out an RTG casino that offers European rules blackjack.

Super 21
Super 21 is a blackjack based game with an entirely different set of payouts from the standard game. Players earn different payouts for multicard combos that add up to 21, a special higher payout for a blackjack made up of diamonds, and a few other special hands. Super 21 adds a new payout schedule but basically follows the standard rules of blackjack you’re used to at other casino gaming sites.

Match Play Blackjack
Currently available at just a few RTG-powered casinos, Match Play 21 is basically blackjack with all the 10s removed and a special payout schedule. This game’s largest payout is for three suited 7s if the dealer’s up card is also a seven. Less like traditional blackjack than any other new RTG variant, brush up on the rules of Match Play before you jump in, especially if you’re used to standard casino blackjack play.