New RTG Roulette Games

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One table game that Real Time Gaming hasn’t spent a lot of time or effort producing variety for is roulette. Admittedly, this classic casino table game isn’t the type of game of chance that lends itself easily to variation – there’s not much room for rules alterations in this classic spinning wheel and bouncing ball game.

Roulette players, whether they’re used to playing land-based roulette at traditional casinos or more familiar with Internet roulette, aren’t necessarily looking for a variety of titles to pick from. Unlike slots or video poker, variety is not a feature of roulette. In other words, roulette fans are used to not having too many options to pick from.

As of this writing, RTG offers only three variations of roulette. Let’s take a look at each of them to prepare you to take on the Devil’s Wheel at your favorite RTG-powered casino.

American Roulette

New RTG Roulette Games

New RTG Roulette Games

American-rules roulette came about when the game hit the US in the 17th and 18th centuries as a game of chance that has its historical roots in France. American casinos and frontier gambling halls wanted to produce a game that gave the casino a slightly better edge against the player, so a simple solution was developed. American roulette wheels have an extra space on the wheel, a double-zero green space to match the single-zero green space on European wheels. The addition of this extra betting space changes the casino’s edge from around 2.5% in the European game to nearly 6%. It may seem strange that the addition of a single betting space should affect the odds that much, but it does.

Why would players at RTG casinos choose to pick the less-favorable American roulette game, when every RTG casino also offers the better European-style game? Some players may just be more familiar with American rules and prefer to play at an American board. Others may just simply not know the difference, and choose the American game because they don’t know any better. Whatever the reason, RTG continues to provide American-style roulette. After all, it makes financial sense for the casino to do so, since the game gives the house better odds.

European Roulette

Not only does European roulette give the player a better edge against the casino, it often includes special rules and betting options not available in American roulette. At RTG-powered casinos, European roulette is a standard. You won’t find an RTG casino, no matter how heavy the site’s emphasis on slot and video gaming, that doesn’t offer European roulette. If you have a choice between American and Euro rules, you should stick to European every time. Not only are your odds of winning better, by a little over 2%, but you can place certain bets on Euro roulette not available in the American version.

Multiplayer Roulette

The final variant of roulette available at almost every RTG casino is a multiplayer game. Since roulette pits players against the house, and not against each other, the difference is simply a matter of having more players at the table. Multiplayer lets you play roulette with up to 7 other contestants at once. This makes roulette played at an RTG casino more like the game you’d play in a traditional casino, though the rules are no different from the European version of roulette available at RTG.

If you’re a table game fan, RTG casinos are a good choice for you. The company is constantly adding new table game variants, tweaking the rules here and there, and even providing some table games a side bet that makes you eligible for a progressive jackpot. Check out RTG’s roulette variants if you’re a fan of this casino classic.