RTG Casinos – Download vs. Instant

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Traditionally, download versions of casino gaming suites were the only available ways to play casino games, poker, and other games of chance and skill online. You have to have a computer compatible with an online casino’s software, and you had to dedicate space on that computer’s memory to your casino software.

In time, this began to change. So called “instant play” casino cames popped up, as Flash and Java technology improved to the point that instant play was an acceptable substitute for the quality found in a download-based casino game. With the advent of instant play casino games, computer users who run Macs, non-Windows operating systems, or other devices were all but locked out of Internet gambling.

Now, the biggest companies in the business (RTG incuded) provide their games instantly to players who don’t run downllad-compatible software, or customers who want to play casino games or poker without taking up valuable memory space on their device.

Instant RTG Casinos: Pros and Cons

RTG Casinos Download vs. Instant

RTG Casinos Download vs. Instant

The most obvious advantage to playing at an instant RTG casino is convenience. Sign up for an account and start playing the games, right away, for real cash or just for fun. Another reason you might choose to play instant RTG casino games is a lack of room on your mobile device or computer for casino software. It’s not likely, since casino software is rarely big enough to choke a computer’s memory to death, but it is possible that you could not want to download the software enough to choose the instant game instead.

What’s the downside of playing instant casino games at RTG sites? Real Time Gaming, more so than any other online casino designers, puts out an instant game product that is noticeably worse than the download version. Now this may not be such a big deal if you don’t get hung up on the way your RTG casino game looks – if graphics aren’t that big a deal for you – but the instant play version of, say, roulette, is usually so much worse-looking than the download version that you may as well just go ahead and download the casino software. The download should take a minute or two at the most, and though the file size varies from one RTG casino to the next, it’s not much bigger than download a song or two on iTunes.

Without much exception, we here at NewRTGCasinos.org tend to go ahead and wonload the full version of RTG casinos when we sign up. We don’t need instant access to online play, as is offered with the instant-play version, and we plan on spending a good deal of time staring at these games, so we generally prefer the full download option. But if you don’t want to download the games to your computer, want 24/7 instant Java or Flash access to your game, or have a computer that isn’t compatible with your online casino software, you can choose from a download or an instant play gaming platform.