New Online Casino Presents 3D Slots Games

December 29, 2012 Posted in Casino Games, New Casinos by No Comments

New online casinos are a dime a dozen. Every month it seems there is a fresh façade gracing the gambling industry’s infobahn milieu. The majority of them are cookie cutter websites, all but mirroring the exact same offerings of 50 or so online casinos we are exceedingly familiar, if not dreadfully bored with. But every once in a while, a new online casino comes along with a unique idea, a distinctive theme and a collection of amusement that have yet to be driven into the ground. That new casino is Tropezia Palace.


Tropezia Palace was launched early this year, employing the sophisticated technologies of Betsoft. The gaming site’s motif is an eccentric one, whimsical and creative. It has a vintage, archetypal appeal, much like the amusing, classical “memes” that so many of us share on our favorite social network sites. You know the ones – where the outline of a flawless 1960’s house wife sips a glass of wine and threatens to duct tape the family together and lock them away in the basement if they interfere with her dinner routine? Yeah, those.


Aside from an attractive motif, Tropezia Palace has a few more intriguing facets worth mentioning. The online casino prides itself on transparency; something you don’t find too often in this business. Check out the ‘About Us’ page sometime – I’ve never seen anything like it. A photo of the casino’s manager, Jean-Pierre Lafitte, is followed by a comprehensive bio. Beneath his smiling profile is a detailed, biographical list of all the customer support representatives you can expect to converse with, should you have need to contact one, again with photographs alongside for a more personalized feel.


My personal favorite, below the staff’s segment, is a series of snapshots taken at the office, depicting a week-long casual Friday attire and a work environment that is professional, yet very relaxed and congenial. I’ve been known to sit on an exercise ball while typing, myself. It’s simply not the kind of impression 99.99% of online casinos emit. Tropezia Palace is a “real” gaming company, designed for “real” people, and that’s what I like about it.


I also happen to like the impressive collection of new 3D Slots games from Betsoft. In the last month or so, I’ve taken the liberty of playing a few rounds (mostly in practice mode) of all the new 3D slots at Tropezia, and the graphics have a true HD quality to them. The second screen bonus features that most of them offer are fun and inventive, not to mention the multiplicity of profit potential therein. As for my favorites? That’s a tough question. I loved the mafia coterie of The Slotfather, the felonious humor of A Night in Paris and the outright hilarity of Paco and his Popping Peppers.


Tropezia Palace is promoting a 100% up to €100 welcome bonus to first time depositors, and for the remainder of December, there is a 20% cash-back promo running where every member can choose any one day of the month to receive 20% of a single day’s losses back into their account.


For anyone seeking a new online casino with a little something different, I have to recommend Tropzeia Palace. These guys have a perspicacious mentality towards the industry that is scarcely seen, and highly appreciated.