Sunset Slots Casino, For Better or Worse

December 4, 2012 Posted in New Casinos by No Comments

Everywhere you look, there is a new gambling related website popping up. They come in all shapes, sizes and thematic diversities. You have your classical motifs, retro styles, hip and vibrant, and of course some that hit the runway with all the grace of a newborn colt on ice.

Said to be the latest addition to the online gaming community is Sunset Slots Casino, powered by leading software developer Rival. It has a fairly basic design, nothing too glitzy, but not understated either. They may even be attempting to target the older population with large, bold buttons that exceed the considerable girth of the ice cubes that rain down from my energy-efficient LG refrigerator upon command.

As the name implies, they do put a great deal of focus on the slot machines, presenting a visual topography of the most recent and popular games, like the Sherwood Forest I-Slot and the 3D Diamonds Downunder and Heroes Realm video slots.

One must scroll quite a ways down the main page to observe the other categorical imagery of gambling opportunities which, oddly enough, start with American Roulette. I do realize these are merely a display of the featured games and that there are many more amusements to choose from in the full menu, but if the designers at Sunset Slots Casino thought putting American Roulette on the featured list would get players to toss real money bets on these tables, they are severely underestimating the intelligence of their own clientele. Even a novice can quickly deduce that American Roulette has worst odds of any roulette variation due to its inclusion of the double zero (00).

Obviously the design could use a little tweaking, but let’s get down to logistics.

According to the majority of the online gambling community, Sunset Slots launched on the Rival platform just a month ago, in November of 2012. In reality, Sunset Slots Casino has been around since much earlier in the year, having opened its doors around March/April. How do we know this? Because the moment the brand started emailing promotions to potential new members, the inquiries into Sunset Slots began mounting on the popular forums of online casino watchdog, Casinomeister. The results have been questionable, to put it mildly.

Numerous complaints have been made over the months. One of the first grievances relates to an email promoting a $50 no-deposit bonus that mysteriously expired when the player tried to claim it (less than 24 hours later, no less). Others have complained that while Sunset Slots clearly targets Canadian players (a rarity among Rival licensees), the T&Cs disallow them from claiming any free bonuses. This brought about an entire new question as to how Sunset Slots can even accept Canadians when Rival prohibited Canadian activity three years ago. A long line of slow payment complaints have risen as well.

Does this mean we should toss an instant rogue label on them? Let’s not be too hasty. It’s obvious these guys have a lot of kinks to work out. It could simply be a matter of prematurely launching an online casino before they were anywhere near ready. On a more realistic note, however, I certainly wouldn’t send my friends to this new Rival casino anytime soon.