A Review of Realtime Gaming Craps and Roulette

June 30, 2015 Posted in Real Time Gaming, Table Games by No Comments

When it comes to exciting casino games, you can’t get much more high-octane than craps and roulette. This is where the big gamblers go, because this is where the big money is. These games are also simple to play and offer a community spirit, especially in the case of craps. Of course, there is no skill involved and most of the time the house wins, so the casinos love these games as much as the players, but the rare occasions when the big wins come are enough for players to line-up at these tables.

On Realtime Gaming there are variants of craps and roulette available, and whilst the latter is pretty much in line with what others are offering, the craps table is the best we have seen.


With a nice layout and easy to follow betting rules, this is a great introduction to the game of craps. There are several options, and each of them come with their own odds and chances of winning.

The “Place Bets” on Realtime Gaming use standard rules, with a house edge as high as 10% for the 5 and 9 and just 1.5% for the 6 and 8. There are also options for betting on the “Field” or the “Don’t Place Bets” line. You can place bets or you can lay bets, and there are also proposition bets available.

It may seem intimidating at first, but if you have never played before then just begin small. Wager as little as possible here and there until you get used to the table and the play. Once you have figured it all out then you can increase your bets and let the fun begin.


We said that these games were standard, and maybe that’s not doing Realtime Gaming justice. There isn’t much you can do with a game of roulette, but they have got it spot on either way, with sharp graphics, easy-to-follow bets and smooth action. There are also four different versions of roulette for you to play, all with their own pros and cons.

American Roulette: This is one of the most common versions of roulette and the one you will probably be used to if you are a regular in US casinos. The house edge is a little over 5% on most bets, although some numbers have a percentage that is a little more in the casino’s favor. There are two zeros on this wheel and a very simple layout.

New American Roulette: The wheel looks a little smaller and the table a little larger, but that’s about the only difference when compared to the American Roulette game mentioned above. As far as betting and wheel numbers go, there are no differences and which one you choose is entirely down to the aesthetics that you prefer.

European Roulette: There is only one zero on the wheel in European Roulette, and the house edge here is also less than American Roulette, at less than 3%. There are also extra bets and the betting board is very busy when compared to American Roulette.

French Roulette: There is a notable aesthetic difference here, as the betting board is not colored and therefore looks a little plain. However, the house edge in French Roulette is much better, coming in at under 1.5% on most bets and making this a significantly better choice than the games mentioned above.