A Review of Realtime Gaming Scratch Cards

July 9, 2015 Posted in Casino Games, Real Time Gaming by No Comments

Scratch cards are one of those things that most people have tried at some point and that many use on a regular basis, but that just didn’t quite make it in the online world. It seemed like a no-brainer to include virtual scratch cards in online casinos, which is why Realtime Gaming and Microgaming — the two oldest online casino developers — have always had them. However, it seems that the majority of players would prefer video poker, blackjack, slots and the many other games.

Still, there is a niche group of players who love virtual scratch cards, and whilst we wouldn’t include our own names on that list, we do like to dabble from time to time. Not surprisingly, our favorite place for online scratch cards is Realtime Gaming, and in this article we’ll look at the best ones available on this comprehensive casino software.

Magic 7s

A basic scratch card, this can be played for as little as $1 a time, with a fairly decent chance of getting a return and with a jackpot available as well. The size of this jackpot depends on the site, as it is a progressive, but it tends to average out in the single-figure thousands, so don’t expect anything too grand.

There are ten boxes to scratch off and the goal is to find a 7 under one of them. This 7 will include a win in the form of a multiplier, and if you find it, then that’s what you win. In place of this multiplier you may also find the words “Free Card”, which will give you a free game equal to the amount that you staked to play that game; and “Jackpot”, which will payout the jackpot that you see in the top-left corner.

Lucky 8s

This scratch card reminds us of the Rainbow Riches slot, which is probably the main reason why we like it so much. The game comes with a jackpot and a simple interface, even simpler than Magic 7s. The payout percentage is roughly the same but the theme is a little brighter and more welcoming. Unlike Rainbow Riches, there are no exciting bonus rounds or anything and what you see on the main game screen is pretty much what you get.

Hot Dice

Perhaps the simplest of all, craps-themed Hot Dice offers 5 panels to scratch off, all of which reveal a pair of dice. If your luck is in and you get dice that show a combined total of 7, then you will win the amount displayed underneath those dice. There is a jackpot in this game, but it is a progressive jackpot, so whilst it can be quite high (albeit not as high as some of the ones you will find on popular Realtime Gaming slots) it can also be relatively worthless.

Diamond Blackjack

With a similar theme to the others, which is to say that it includes a progressive jackpot and a game that requires you to get a 7, this scratch card is based on the game of blackjack. We’re not huge fans of this layout, but it’s definitely worth a shot if you want to try all of the scratch cards on Realtime Gaming.