A Review of Realtime Gaming Table Games

July 2, 2015 Posted in Real Time Gaming, Table Games by No Comments

We have already covered games such as poker, blackjack and roulette on Realtime Gaming, but that’s not where the table games end on this online casino. There are many other games, some of which you might have heard of and even played, some of which you might never have encountered before. In this article we’ll cover them all.

Let ‘Em Ride

Although it uses a different name to the popular Let It Ride casino came, Let ‘Em Ride on Realtime Gaming is more or less the same thing. The house edge is between 3% and 4% and there is an optional side bet of $1, which is a progressive bet. This means that it just keeps climbing and climbing, building into an impressive jackpot.

Pai Gow

Also known as Pai Gow Poker, this game doesn’t have a great deal in common with poker and is a game in its own right. It originated in China but has since become popular with strategic and skill-based gamblers in the West, which is why you will find Pai Gow in many Vegas and Atlantic City casinos.

On Realtime Gaming, this game has a house edge that is less than 3%, and whilst the rules they use have been tweaked from the standard Pai Gow rulebook, there are no major changes.

Sic Bo

This is a game common in the Macao casinos. It can look a little intimidating if you have never played it before, as there is a lot going on, but it’s a very fun game and one with a house edge that is less than 3%. There is also a pay table on Realtime Gaming’s version of this game that gives you a rundown of your chances of winning every bet, so you might want to have a peek in there if you are just getting accustomed to the game.

Red Dog

This is a popular game. It is a variation of a game known as In-Between or Acey Deucy, and although it is not as popular as it once was, you can still play it in many casinos, both online and offline. The card rankings are the same as poker and although too much to explain here, the rules are very easy to follow and very quick to learn.

The are two decks used in Realtime Gaming’s version of Red Dog and the house edge is a fraction over 3%.

Three Card Rummy

A popular card game and one that many people remember learning from their parents or grandparents, this is a very fun addition to the Realtime Gaming casino. It uses Vegas rules and is therefore not too different from three card poker. There is a house edge of 3.23% on the main game, but this increases by a fraction for the bonus bet.

This is a rare find on online casinos and when we first learned that it was on Realtime Gaming we were very excited.