A Review of Realtime Gaming’s Unique Games

July 12, 2015 Posted in Casino Games, Real Time Gaming, Table Games by No Comments

We have discussed the many games available on the Realtime Gaming software, from articles that looked in great detail at the virtual scratch cards and video poker games, to ones that studied the blackjack variants, roulette, craps and more. However, Realtime Gaming has been around for sometime and understands that to survive and thrive for that length of time, uniqueness is key.

There are many card games and table games on Realtime Gaming that you might not have heard of before, some of which can be great fun once you learn how to play. In this article we will look at the best of those, all of which have been personally tested by us.

Casino War

This game can be found in a select number of casinos across the United States and is probably at its most popular in Las Vegas. Sin City has nothing on Realtime Gaming though, as this is the best version of Casino War we have encountered, thanks to some subtle rule changes and bonuses. The house edge is low, coming in at less than 2.5%, and a single deck of cards is used. The player wins the second tie and there are also some other tweaks that seem to work in the player’s favor.

If you do not know the rules of this game, don’t worry. This is undoubtedly the easiest game in the casino, even easier to get to grips with than blackjack and roulette. Its all about betting on who will have the highest card and hoping that over the long-term, you come up with a sizable profit.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Although not entirely uncommon, this is a nice twist on an old favorite, and one that works beautifully in the online environment. This is poker, but with a difference. There are bigger prizes available, but to offset that the house edge is more than 5%. Still, with Royal Flush bonuses that pay twice as much as standard Caribbean Stud Poker games, this is not to be missed. There is also Caribbean Hold’em Poker, based on a more popular variant, but whilst we prefer Hold’em to Stud when sitting down at live and online tables, in this case we prefer the latter.

Let ‘Em Ride

Somewhat similar to blackjack, only with some very important rule changes, this game is relatively easy to pickup. It’s not as simple as Casino War, but if playing for the very first time, then you will find that Let ‘Em Ride is easier to learn than Caribbean Stud Poker, due to the poker card values in that particular game.

The house edge on Realtime Gaming’s Let ‘Em Ride is a fraction over 3.5% and as well as the main game, there is also a bonus game that you can play for just $1. This adds to the fun, but if you’re all about increasing winning margins and ensuring the odds are always on your side, then you should remember that bonus bets always favor the house over the long-run.


There are a handful of other games to enjoy that you won’t necessarily find in other casinos. These include unique video poker games, scratch cards, blackjack variants and more. Just log onto Realtime Gaming and you can be playing the best table games and slots in a matter of moments. Be sure to let us know your thoughts and to search our site for help, advice and tips before or during your play. This way you can get the most out of your Realtime Gaming experience.