Video Poker Odds on RTG: The Payout Percentages

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A payout percentage on an online casino is typically a high percentage number, and indicates your chances of winning. As an example, a payout percentage of 99% means that for every $100 you gamble on that game, you can expect a return of $99. Of course, it rarely works like that in practice, but that’s the average.

Realtime Gaming is unique in this industry, in that it allows the online casinos that use its software to tweak the payout percentages in any way they want. They can improve them and use that as a selling point, or they can decrease them. The latter is not very common, especially with established casinos, as they need to be audited and it doesn’t look good if they use odds lower than the standard ones.

The payout percentages here are the default ones, the ones that many RTG casinos use and the ones that are programmed into the games initially. These are all for the video poker games on RTG, of which there are many to choose from. The differences are slight, so you shouldn’t use this table to decide which game you choose, but it should certainly play a role in your choice.

The Highest Percentage Games

The highest paying video poker game on the RTG casino is Aces & Eights, which is also one of the most popular. This is one of our favorite video poker games on this casino software and whilst our choice isn’t entirely down to the payout percentage, it certainly helps. Aces & Eights can actually go as high as 99.78%, a number that will excite many video poker players.

The All American video poker game is a fraction lower than this and is also a very fun video poker variant, whilst Double Bonus is also above 99.50% and is a great game for picking up moderately sized wins as well as occasional big wins. The Double Double Jackpot video poker variant is another one that comes with a very high payout percentage, and this is a great game if you’re chasing a big jackpot and also want to pick up some regular wins. Other video poker games worth playing on RTG because of the payout percentage include Pick ‘Em Poker and Sevens Wild.

The Lowest Percentage Games

Whilst lower than the games listed above, the lowest payout percentages on RTG video poker are still quite high. In fact, the default percentage for one of the lowest games, Jacks or Better, is still above 97%. If you’re used to playing slot machines or other electronic games in the casino then you will recognize this as a very good payout percentage, especially as it is the lowest one. Other games that fall somewhere between this number and the numbers quoted above, include Joker Poker and Loose Deuces.

As we said above, don’t let this make your decision for you, try the games out and see which one suits you best. The differences in payout percentages are probably so low that the average player won’t notice, and when you add the luck factor, it rarely makes a difference at all.